Monday, 7 May 2012

Moving to Cornwall & Asparagus and Free Range Eggs

 THE GONDOLIER'S WIFE and her diminutive husband are going on a little trip to sunny England and even sunnier Wales.
a view over fabulous Fowey

“What?” I hear you say. “Leave splendid Venezia, just as the season is starting, for dreary old blighty? It's usually the Brits going to Italy in the summer, not other way round!” I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I haven't told you every thing about my paddling husband. Not only is he a fifth generation gondolier, but he comes from a family of artists. My little Dino creates whimsical paintings and  sculptures. We had a gallery in Venice, for quite a few years called, ART FOR SERIOUS PEOPLE. I decided to create my blog after we closed, but I can see that Dino is about to pop with creativity. So we're going to do some exhibitions in Cornwall, on the west cost of England. We are going to be staying in a fabulously, friendly little Cornish harbour town, called Fowey, that we fell in love with on a previously trip. She is an absolute delight. Believe it or not, there are plenty of culinary similarities that the Venetian lagoon and the Cornish coast share.
fields of gold

The first thing we noticed, as we headed out of London and into the gorgeous British countryside, were the radiant fields of yellow rape seed flowers, they seem to be grow it in every corner of the country. Cruising through the swathes of gold really brightens up the journey. Our trip also coincided with the British asparagus season, but driving around we didn't seem to be able to see any place that grew any. It's only when you get out of the car and look closer, that a plot of apparent mud, miraculously transforms itself into a garden, full of green and purple spears spurting up from the ground.

slow food...
Everyone kept telling us that English Asparagus is the best in the world, (they say the same thing in Italy, about theirs) so on our way to Cornwall, I couldn't resist stopping by a lovely road side seller and relieving him of some his fresh eggs and a beautiful big bunch of asparagus spears.
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